New product Plisse screen

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Plisse Screen Mesh is new type of window screens.

Polyester and fiberglass plisse screen, Polyester plisse screen.

The Pleated Fly Screen Mesh specification as follow:

Width: 1.2m 1.5m, 2.3m, max 3.05 M

Normal length:30M

Pleated heigth:15mm,16mm 20mm is avaliable.

Normal color: grey & black

Plisse Screen Mesh can be used for the retractable insect screen systems that come with wider openings to allow sunlight and fresh air to pass but meshed closely enough to keep insects. the polyester and fiberglass will be folded like zig-zag and a set of ropes will be inserted in between the foldings. The zig-zag folded mesh will be pleated at one side and pull towards the other end for closing.

A. Pleated Fly Screen Mesh width maximum 3.05 meters keep your house taking wildest view.

B. Pleated tightly back together after opening the screen.

C. High quality PP Mesh bonded at high temperature evenly-spaced.

D. Eco-friendly product. Straight Latitude yarn and Longitude yarn sealed with high technology heater.

E. Long-life service more than 5 years

New product Plisse screen