Pollen Screen

Pollen Screen used for house window to stop dust and pollen.

It is very friendly to the people who are allergic to pollen or dust.



The pollen screen is widely installed in windows, patio doors and other places where pollen may enter residential or commercial buildings. It can clean the air quietly and efficiently. When pollen or dust and fresh air approach the pollen screen, the pollen screen will special structure will not miss the pollen, dust and insects, and only allow fresh air to enter the house.


Width: Max 3m, the width can cut as per customer require.

Length: normally 30m or 50m. max 300m

Color: black grey

Weight: 90-100g/m2

Packing: inside plastic bag, outside weaving bag or carton


The pollen screen can stop pollen come through window screen.

It is very easy to clean, easy to remove pollen from the window screen.

The pollen screen do stop pollen and dust, make the house clean and safe.


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