Good Quality Stiff Fiberglass Window Screens

  • Color: Grey

  • Mesh Size: 18x16 Mesh

  • Materials: PVC Coated Fiberglass

  • Application: Window Screen Replacement

  • Product description: Stiff Screen is made of PVC coated fiberglass, Thinner yarns and tighter weave compared to standard 18x16mesh fiberglass window screen



Good Quality Stiff fiberglass window screens

Material: fiberglass yarn coated with PVC resin (35% fiberglass yarn ,64% PVC coating,1% others)

Stiff screen is fiberglass window screen that provides durable and long-lasting protection against fly,mosquito,bugs and insects, and excellent for use in retractable applications. Thinner yarns and tighter weave compared to standard 18x16mesh fiberglass window screen. The PVC coated fiberglass  assures that your window screens will last longer exposed to the weather elements. Invisible Fiberglass Window Screen can used as Soundproof Window Screen also makes a great economical replacement window screen on older homes.

we can manufacture the max width is 3 meter, longth is 300meter per roll. The screen mesh is made of glass fiber by the means of filament plastic-coating process, plain woven then going through high temperature-fixing. standard screen meshes are 18x16 and the popular colors are silver gray,charcoal and black. Fiberglass Screening is also available in a fine-woven 20x20 mesh used primarily in coastal areas where very tiny flying insects . For large areas such as pool enclosures, a strong 18x14 mesh is also available.

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