Fiberglass Screen

Product name: Fiberglass screen

Material type: Fiberglass

Size: Mesh 18x16 means there are 18 holes per inch of material, it is made from fiberglass finished with PVC, it is 0.11diameter.



Fiberglass  screens are made by glass yarn outside coated pvc, and it is very easy to install. Additionally, they will not dent, crease, or unravel. This screen is perfect for use in windows and doors as it will protect from insects and pests. 

Our factory have quality control in production, so we can make sure that our fiberglass screen without defects and without smell. 

As per fiberglass screen manufacturer we are produceing the high-quality mesh with flat cells and straight lines.


Fiberglass screen roll size can be as per your request. normal 1.0x30m  1.2x30m  1.4x30m.

The width can be any size from 40cm-300cm.
Length normal 30m 50m, max 300m each roll.
About the fiberglass yarn inside is glass yarn, outside is PVC coated.


Screen will not dent, crease, or unravel

Durable and resistant to the elements, even salt air

we offers several varieties of specialty screen types to meet any of your needs including Pet Resistant, Small Insect, Clear Advantage, and Extra Strength


Easy to install

Perfect for use in windows and doors


  • Fiberglass Screen

    Fiberglass Screen

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