18x16 Mesh Fiberglass Window Insect Screen

Screen Mesh Size:18x16 mesh

Color: Grey

Packing: 10 rolls each weaving bag

Edge Line Color:Red Fiberglass Yarn

Product description: Fiberglass Window Insect Screen are by far the most cost-effective window screens in the market, more beautiful and solid than plastic window screens, cheaper than metal window screens



1. Mesh Szie: 18*16mesh 18*18mesh 17*15mesh 20*20mesh

2. Weight: 120g/m2 (different mesh size different weight)

3. Color: Black grey white brown grey/white green Ivory

4. Width: 60cm 80cm 90cm 100cm 110cm 120cm 140cm 150cm 160cm 180cm 200cm  3' 4' 5' 6'  (max width is 300cm)

5. Length: 20m 25m 30m 50m  max can be 200m

6. Packing: weaving bag, carton, pallet  (different packing have different price)

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