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Square Wire Mesh

Welded Wire Mesh

Hexagonal Wire Netting

Fiberglass Insect Screen

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh

Steel Fence Post

Farm Fence

Chain Link Fence

Barbed Wire

Plastic Mesh

Fiberglass Mesh

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  Rib Formwork   Angle Bead  

Template Formwork
It has been widely applied to concrete
structure of projects. It has better stress
strength and free shape, it is mostly used as
concrete permanent dismantle free template
for civil engineering.


Angle Bead
An expanded flange corner bead with extra
long expanded flange. It has a steel rib running
the length of the bead to provide nail holes and
extra rigidity.
size: 30x30 0.45mm length 3m

  Coil Lath   Rib Lath  

Metal Coil Lath
Used primarily as anti-cracking reinforcement
in the construction of brick and block masonry
size:15Cm x 20M 0.45mm


Rib Lath
An integrally ribbed expanded metal lath used
for external rendering in sheltered/moderate
exposure away from the coast.

  Expanded Metal Mesh   Steel Grating  

Expaneded Metal Mesh


Steel Grating


Wuqiang Shengbang Fiberglass Screen Co., Ltd. supply many kinds of metal mesh products,widly used in building and contruction field.


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